Ford / Mazda Injection Pump Sprocket Locking Tool and Puller - 2.2L / 3.2L Duratorq (Puma) Diesel

DM13-8341-P & DM13-1112

The Fuel Injection Pump Sprocket Locking tool (303-1317) is used with Crankshaft Timing Pulley Remover (303-249) and Adapter for 303-249 (303-249-01) to press the high pressure fuel pump from the high pressure fuel pump drive gear.

The injection pump sprocket locking tool is required to retain the pump timing position and is fitted in a clockwise direction with the bayonet slots located on the aperture lugs.

The special pulling tool consists of two special hooks for holding the sprocket and a compression piece for releasing the fuel pump.

The new special tool is required to ensure the correct and rapid removal of the fuel pump on 2.2L TDCI (Puma) Diesel engine in Ford Transit from 2011, as the threaded holes in the sprocket of the fuel pump have been omitted.

The puller allows the removal of these sprockets by allowing the High Pressure diesel injection pump to be pushed out of the pump sprocket to enable pump removal without disturbing the timing chain.

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Models: 2.2L Duratorq TDCi (Global Puma) Stage V Diesel : 2006.5 (04/2006-)

              2.2L Duratorq TDCi (Puma) Diesel : 2012 (04/2011-)
              3.2L Duratorq TDCI (Puma) Diesel : 2012 (04/2011-) 

OEM:  303-1317 / 303-249 / 303-249-01 

Lease Time: 5 Days