Ford / Mazda & Ford Ranger 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 & 3.2L Engine Timing Tool Set Including Injector Pump Locking Tools


Increased application of this new kit to cover engines which include the 2.4 TDCi engines, from 2006. Utilizes the existing timing pins, but now includes updated tools for the H.P. pump replacement procedures (H.P. Pump Sprocket cover remover/installer, sprocket retainer and pump sprocket removal tool), also includes additional tools that are required when carrying out engine timing or crankshaft seal replacement procedures. These tools are essential – they help to ensure that the front crankshaft seal is correctly aligned and will not fail prematurely.

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FORD Crankshaft locking PIN 2.2 / 3.2 TDCI DM13-8950.

Models: Fuel Injection Pump Sprocket Locking Tool 2.2 L Duratorq-TDCi (Global Puma) Stage V Diesel: (303) Engine: (3) Power Train: 2006.5 (04/2006-) : Transit 3.2 L Duratorq-TDCI (Puma) Diesel: (303) Engine: (3) Power Train: 2006.5 (04/2006-): Transit 2.2 L Durat
Lease Time: 5 Days
OEM: Engine Cover Aligner 303-682 Engine Cover / Crankshaft Seal Removal / Installation Tool 303-679A High Pressure Pump Sprocket Retaining Tool 303-1151 H.P. Pump Removal Tool 303-249 Flywheel Locking Pin (Black) 303-675 Flywheel Locking Pin (Silver) 303-698
Engines: 2.0: ABFA, D3FA, D5BA, D6BA, F3FA, FIFA, FMBA, HJBA, HJBB, HJBC, HJBE, N7BA, N7BB 2.2 (Chain Driven H.P. Pump): QJBA (BG), QJBB, QJBC, QJBD 2.2 (Camshaft Driven H.P. Pump): 4HM, 4HU, 4HV, P8FA, P22DTE, QVFA, QWFA 2.4: 244DT, D0FA, D2FA, D2FB, D4FA, F4FA,
Type: Diesel