About us

  • Started a job and realised half way through that you cant go any further because you don't have the right specialty tools for the job?
  • Realised you need specialty tooling but found out how much they cost knowing your only going to use them once or maybe twice?
  • Mechanics Tool Hire was started to help support automotive workshops and mechanics with the specialty tooling that otherwise in the past was only obtainable via the manufacturer.

Why you benefit?

  • Your business is not constantly forking out money for specialty tooling that almost changes with every new model of vehicle.
  • Peace of mind that you know when you turn that key or test drive the vehicle down the road your not going to get any nasty headaches.
  • Ever had a vehicle towed in with a broken timing belt, had no timing marks to go by. Not 100% if it was 1 or 2 teeth out or 180 degrees out for that matter.
  • Had an apprentice finish the cam belt job but to later find out the jobs not finished by any means, in fact the head now has to be taken off with a very expensive repaired bill and an extremely irate customer.
  • Don't let your business come across second rate to customers, have the right tooling. It will not only make the job easier but also a lot quicker.
  • Take our range of undercarriage bush and ball joint on car installer/remover kits
  • No more removing complete control arms, juggling them in the press while trying to press the new bush in.
  • A lot of these jobs take hours to complete, some a full day. Cut the job down by less than half and have the peace of mind knowing that the replacement part was installed correctly no matter who in your workshop did the job. Remember these tools will make you money!


     Mechanics Tool Hire' Mission

  • Our goal is to provide the smaller workshops in this ever changing technical industry and give them the help and support they deserve while trying to keep the costs to a minimum for automotive businesses
  • We want to strive in keeping up to date with the latest specialty tooling. If we haven't got it, we want to know about it so we can better serve you!
  • We want to make the experience as pleasant and hassle free for you as possible, we want your continued business 


     Mechanics Tool Hire' Proudly Serves

  • We proudly serve all automotive mechanical workshops from big specialist workshops through to the small general workshop that may only carry out that job once in their lifetime.
  • Secondly we cater for the mechanic who wants to make some real money at home on the weekend but doesn't have the money to outlay for the specialty tooling to complete the job.

    The People of Mechanics Tool Hire

    • All our staff are trained mechanics that combine decades of experience in the automotive field. Helping you to get the right tool for the right job.
    • Secondly and most importantly, we care. Trust us we have been in your shoes and want to make the experience as painless and hassle free as possible. We know you have enough headaches and things on your mind and just want to get the job done! We want to help and we aim to please.