VW Engine Timing Tool Kit - 2.5L / 4.9L TDI (Gear Drive) Diesel



Designed for gear driven engines where the injection timing is controlled by the camshaft followers.
For locking camshafts when checking and adjusting timing.
For removing and installing camshaft drive gear and eliminating play in gear train.
For rotating the crankshaft and for locking or positioning of the camshaft and crankshaft as well as for biasing and locking the wheels drive when setting the timing.

Models: VW Transporter / Touareg

Engines: 2.5L BAC / BLK / BPD / AXD / AXE / BLJ / BNZ / BPC (05-09)
                4.9L AYH / BKW / BLE / BWF (03-09) 

OEM: Camshaft Clamp: T10193
          Camshaft Clamp: T10194
          Camshaft Gear Retaining Tool (Type 1): T10199
          Camshaft Gear Retaining Tool (Type 2): T10199/1
          Camshaft Compensation Gear Pre-tensing Tool: T10234
          Crankshaft Turning Tool: T10226
          Crankshaft Locking Tool: T10225
          Screwdriver bit XZN-M16 (Length: 75mm)
          Screwdriver bit XZN-M8 (Length: 100mm)
          Screwdriver bit XZN-M10 (Length: 100mm)
          Screwdriver bit XZN-M14 (Length: 140mm) 


Lease Time: 5 Days