Universal Adjustable Camshaft Pulley Holding Tool



Used to hold the camshaft gear when loosening and tightening the centre bolt.

Adjustable jaw opening and multiple fittings to allow for use on a wide variety of vehicles. Especially useful for the late model VW TSI engines (see engine list for examples)

Models: Mercedes Benz / BMW / Ford / Mitsubishi / Honda / VW / Audi / Nissan / Volvo / Toyota and many more. 

OEM: T10172

Engines: 1.2L TFSI: CJZA / CJZB
                1.4L TFSI: CMBA / CXSA / CHPA / CPTA
                1.4L TGI: CPWA
                1.4L TSI Multi Fuel CPVA
                1.4L Hybrid CRJA
                Other Engine codes: CHYA / CHYB / CPGA 

Lease Time: 5 Days