Porsche Engine Timing Tool Kit - Cayenne / Panamera V8


This Porsche engine timing kit is designed to adjust the timing of the camshafts on 2009 onward Porsche engines.
This kit contains both tensioners for the two different thread sizes in some varients of engines.

These tensioners are pneumatically operated and are necessary to tension the primary timing chain on Porsche Cayenne DFI V8 engines (turbo and normally-aspirated) and Panamera when setting valve, cam or cam-phaser timing.
Requires a regulated air source between 5.0 and 5.5 bar

Models: Cayenne 9PA  M97/01 / Panamera 970 V8 & V6

Engines: 4.5L & 4.8L V8 Naturally Aspirated & Turbo & 3.6L V6

OEM Equivalent: 
9678/1 / 9678 / 9683 /1 /9714 / 9595/1 / 9683/1