Petrol & Diesel Engine Compression and Leakage Test Kit


This workshop diesel compression tester and leak down tester is designed for the modern day diesel engine which are mainly tested via the glow plug holes.
Also included in the kit is a dummy shaft and a variety of shims and clamps which allow you  to shim to the size of the vehicle's injector and test through the injector port. The gauge in this kit is liquid filled which allows for a high quality test.

Finally this comprehensive kit will include a Diesel cylinder leak down tester

The leakage can be determined by the following observations:

1. Hissing from the exhaust indicates exhaust valve leak.
2. Hissing from the oil filler cap, piston rings or worn cylinder rings.
3. Bubbles from the radiator cap, head gasket or crack in the head.
4. Air escaping from an adjacent glow plug hole, head gasket.

A must have in today's modern workshops!

Models: Domestic, Japanese, and European vehicles - attachments to suit a huge range of vehicles!