MINI Engine Timing Tool Kit - N13 / N18 Petrol


Designed to complete correct timing for the BMW Mini engines with the N13 & N18 engines.

In 2011 BMW released turbocharged 1.6 Prince engine (called the N18 engine for the Mini Cooper S and called the N13 engine for BMW applications).

The engine has direct injection, twin-scroll turbocharger and variable valve lift. The N13 is sold alongside the larger displacement BMW N20 turbocharged straight-4 engine.

You may also need:
N13 Engines: The crankshaft holding tool DM11-A1302
N18 Engines: The crankshaft holding tool DM11-A1302, 
valvetronic spring Pliers DM11-A1699valvetronic compression lever DM11-A1700

Models: R55 / R56 / R57 Cooper S

Engines: N13 / N18 

OEM: 117440 / 119340 / 119590 / 117 440 / 119 340 / 119 590