Mercedes-Benz Combo


The combo includes:


Slide hammer style injector puller with adapters to suit common Mercedes Benz Diesel injectors.

For removing stubborn injectors on Mercedes Benz CDI engines and adapted tight common rail injectors without having to disassemble cylinder head.

Models: Mercedes CDI engines 

Engines:  OM611 / OM612 / OM613 / OM646 / OM647 / OM648



This specially designed diesel injector puller set is ideal for removing stubborn diesel injectors.

No need to remove the rocker cover or to use a bulky slide hammer.

Suits most Bosch Injectors found in BMW / Mercedes Benz / VW / Audi / Renault etc.

NOTE: When using this tool the injector may be damaged.

Models: Especially suited to Mercedes Benz / Chrysler Grand Cherokee 2.7 diesel from 2000 onwards.


Lease terms: 5 days