Jaguar / Land Rover Transfer Seal remover/ Installer Tool


Jaguar / Land Rover  power transfer input shaft seal tool

M 205-873 Power transfer unit / IRD input shaft seal remover / installer tool.

Essential tools for the removal and installation of the power transfer input shaft seal on all Freelander 2 and Evoque variants to 2015. This tool will enable installation of the new seal to the correct depth while protecting the new seal against damage from the input shaft splines. It is advisable to measure the depth of the old seal prior to removal to determine if the spacer rings, supplied in the kit, are required


LAND ROVER FREELANDER 2, all variants, L359 2006- 2014

RANGE ROVER EVOQUE all variants,  L538 2011-2015


OEM: 205-873/1 remover/installer, 205-873/2 seal saver, 205-873/3 punch and screws.

Also required is slide hammer OEM reference no. 100-102 or equivalent