Diesel Injector Puller / Small Slide Hammer / Seat Reamer / Copper Washer


The combo includes:


Universal tool kit for disassembling the injector and for preparing the removal of the injector.

Suits a huge range of vehicles Including Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Audi, VAG, Volvo, Ford, and Mazda plus many more.


  • Special bit insert Hex: 7.6mm / 6.6mm

  • Pull Spindle: OT-M14x1.5mm / OT-M16x1.5mm / OT-M25x0.5mm / OT-M25x0.75mm / OT-M27x1mm
                         IT-M16x1.0mm / IT-M17x1.0mm / IT-M20x1.0mm / IT-M25x1.0mm / IT-M27x1.0mm

  • Universal joint: M18x1.5mm

  • Special socket insert: 27mm / 28mm / 29mm / 30mm (Hex)

  • Injector Gripper hook: 12mm / 13.5mm / 16mm / 26mm


Small slide hammer Can be used for various applications.


Diesel Injector Seat Cutter and Reamer Set for Kia, Benz, BMW, Audi etc. 

After removing CDI injectors, this tool allows easy cleaning and decarbonising of the injector hole - Cleaning the bottom of injector hole is necessary to allow proper seating of new copper washer. 

This tool is specially designed for cleaning and re-cutting injector seats on common rail diesel engines.

This tool set includes 4 reamers.

Models: 15mm flat reamer for universal injectors and most trucks
              17mm flat reamer for Delphi / Bosch injectors (BMW / PSA / Renault / Ford)
              19mm flat reamer for Bosch injectors (Benz) 
              19mm angle reamer for FIAT / Iveco


Designed for easy removal of the copper washer seal at the base of the injector commonly found on diesel vehicles.

Uses a screw thread and expanding jaw.

Size: 7mm ID 
         230mm Long


Lease terms: 5 days