GM / Holden / Opel / Vauxhall Engine Timing Tool Kit - 1.6L CDTi (LVM / LVP)


This engine timing tool kit provides the components required to set and hold the camshafts, crankshaft and chain tensioner components when performing major engine work or replacing the cam chain and associated components.

The engines vary slightly in design, the LVM range has one camshaft which is chain driven with interconnecting gears driving the second camshaft. The LVP range has direct chain drive to both cam shafts.

This kit contains the tooling required to set and lock both engine types.

Models: GM / Vauxhall / Opel

Engines: 1.6CDTi - LVM / LVP  

OEM: EN-51143 / EN-51140 / EN-50513 / EN-51148