Nissan 2.0 / 2.3 DCi CDTi Timing Tool Set


When timing these engines you must note that the chain drive is between the crankshaft and the exhaust camshaft sprocket. Drive for the Inlet Camshaft is via gears from the Exhaust Camshaft. To set the timing correctly the Inlet Camshaft Gear must first be removed from the engine and the two halves aligned using an Inlet Camshaft Alignment Tool. Suits most Nissan engines fitted with Renault Engines
Models: Dualis 2.0L M9R 07> X-Trail 2.0L M9R 07> Primstar 2.0L M9R 08-10
Lease Time: 5 Days
OEM: MOT1770 / KM956-1 / MOT1769 / MOT1773 / EN-48330 / MOT1766 / EN-48334 / EN-48332 / EN-48331
Type: Chain / Diesel