VW Crafter 2.5L Rear Main Crankshaft Seal Installer Tool


VW have made two reasons why you need this tool Firstly if you don’t have it, it will leak. Secondly if you don’t use it, it won’t start. As part of the rear main oil seal housing VW have also added the hall sender ignition pick up as part of this unit. It is not fitted at TDC, thus making necessary the use of this tool.
Models: VW Crafter (2006~2013) 5-cylinder diesel engine
Lease Time: 5 Days
OEM: T50010
Engines: 2.5 TDI & 2.5 Blue TDI BJJ, BJK, BJL, BJM, CEBA, CEBB, CECA & CECB
Type: Diesel