BMW N20 / N26 Timing Tool Set


The N20 / N26 is a 4 cyl DOHC Turbocharged engine which has replaced the N52 / N53 straight 6cyl beginning 2011

To be used in conjunction with DM11-A1340 Manual Transmission

To be used in conjunction with DM11-A1835 Automatic Transmission

Models: E89 Z4 28i / E84 X1 28i / F25 X3 28i / F20 125i & 128i / F30 328i / F10 528i 2.0L N20 2011 > F30 328i 335i / 2.0L N26 2012 >
Lease Time: 5 Days
Engines: BMW N20 / N26
Type: Chain / Petrol