Diesel Engine Compression Tester Master Kit



Fantastic new style Diesel compression tester for the modern day diesel engine which are mainly tested via the glow plug holes.

Also comes with a shim type clamp-on adaptor set in a smaller red plastic case provided which will suit a huge range of injector set ups. Comes with good quality liquid filled gauge.

0-1000 psi (0-70 kg/cm2) Gauge with rubber bumper
90 degree Adaptor
20 x Dummy Glow plugs
5 x Injector Adaptors
2 x Packs Spare Seals | Washers and nozzle
1 x Clamp and Claw Adaptor Set
Six clamp-on injector adaptors suitable for Car / Van / Truck / Bus / Agricultural & Marine injector sizes.
Suitable for use where injector is held in place by clamp, claw, or bridge.

Collar system allows easy matching of injector profile.

A must have in today's modern workshops! 

Models: Wide range of Alfa / BMW / Chrysler / Daewoo / Fiat / Ford / Hyundai / Isuzu / Rover / LDV / Mazda / Mercedes / Mitsubishi
              Nissan / Opel / PSA / Renault / Saab / Suzuki / Toyota / VAG / Vauxhall / Volvo
              And diesel engines Injector: M20 / M22 / M24 and Ford Stanadyne injector (plus clamp-on injector adaptors). 

Lease Time: 5 Days