BMW/MINI Locking Wheel Bolt Removal Tool Kit


This new kit assists with the removal of the ultra high security wheel lock bolts with the spinning collars found on a huge range of BMW's.
The normal way to remove these bolts is via the special security lock nut tool which is supplied with the vehicle.
However, there are many circumstances which can cause this to become a very unpleasant experience due to either a rounded lock nut tool or wheel bolt. A lost lock nut tool, or over tightening of the bolts due to using a rattle gun.
On top of this, these wheel security bolts have spinning collar around the bolt head which make hitting on a twist nut socket useless.
All these circumstances mentioned above can cause the simple job of removing the wheels into a nightmare. In some instances a full day to remove wheels!

With this kit you can remove each wheel within several minutes without the wheel key tool and with no damage to the rim!
The tool successfully bites into the head of the bolt, and using the slide hammer pull out the spinning collar and pattern head section. You can then hit in the other spline part of the tool and remove the wheel bolt completely.
PLEASE NOTE: Using this tool kit will destroy the genuine bolts and you will need to replace them with a normal set of wheel bolts.


BMW (McGard 27179SL): 

Series 1 ( ~ 2011), Series 3 ( ~ 2011), Series 5, Series 6 (~ 2010), Series 7 ( ~ 2001), Series 8, X1, Z1, Z3, Z4, Z8

BMW 27226SL (M14 X 1.25)

Series 1 (2011~), Series 2, Series 3-GT, Series 4, Series 5-GT, Series 6 (2011~), Series 7 (2008~), X3 (2010~), X4, X5 (2007~), X6, i3, i8

PLEASE NOTE: This kit will not work on VW or Audi wheels with the same style of wheel bolts.