Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia 1.2, 16v,1.4 16v, 1.4 T-Jet Petrol Engine Setting/ Locking Kit - Belt Drive


• This kit contains the timing tool required to cover the belt replacement procedure for the both early and later variant of these engines, it includes piston height gauge, camshaft and
crankshaft tools, tensioner adjuster, and camshaft sprocket locking tool.
• This Fiat range of 1.2 16 valve petrol engine was first introduced as long ago as 1997 in Punto, and a number of variant releases including 1.4 range of 16 valve/T-Jet engine.
• The majority of these engines use the same timing tool combination and procedure for the timing belt replacement. However, engine code 192B2.000, 198A1.000, 198A4.000, 199A6.000 and 199A8.000 require an additional tool to ‘lock’ the camshaft sprocket, which engine code 169A3.000 requires a different tool combination and has a slightly different procedure.
• Dependent upon the engine component which requires removal 
to gain accessed to the timing belt, such as the right hand front
wheel, the air filter, the radiator grille, the timing belt covers, the auxiliary belt, the fuel rail/injectors and the spark plug.

OEM / 1.860.985.000 / 1.860.992.000 / 1.860.987.000 / / 2000004500 / 1860985000 / 1860992000 / 1860987000 / 2000015800