Kia / Hyundai High Pressure Pump Sprocket Tool 09331-2A001


Removing the high pressure pump without this tool is impossible. This tool keeps the timing chain in place while trying to remove the high pressure pump. This tool is used with the timing case cover left on. Also be aware that high pressure pumps are extremely hard to remove, in these instances be careful not to brake the timing case cover . 
  • Lease Time: 5 Days
  • OEM: 09331-2A010, 093312A011
  • Engines Codes: D 1.1 TCI-U2, D 1.4 TCI-U2, D 1.6 TCI-U2, D 1.7 TCI-U2, 1.6 TCI-U2, 1.4 CRDi U2, 1.6 CRDi U2
  • Type: Diesel